GMV5 Home

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GMV5 Home is the new generation of multi VRF system developed by GREE, which breaks the barrier of traditional VRF system by integrating three basic functions: “central air conditioning + hot sanitary water + floor heating”. A unique system which offers five different modalities according to your requirements and comfort: 1-Cooling only, 2-Heating only, 3-Water heating only, 4-Cooling and water heating, 5- Heating and water heating. Operating temperature ranges from -15°C~43°C, the capacity of outdoor units ranges from 12 kW to 28 kW. This system achieves high energy efficiency level with ECOP up to 6.6. Other main features like DC Inverter technology, environment-friendly refrigerant R410A and heat recovery technology greatly improve the entire system cost efficiency.


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GMV5 Home

Golden fin condenser, Inner groove copper. Compact design, High efficiency, Wide voltage range, Easier maintainability.