GMV5 Mini

Product Specifications

Dc Inverter VRF GMV5 Mini is the most flexible solution in central air conditioning systems for different types of buildings. Compact design of outdoor units makes installation easier and multiple modular combination possibilities up to 180 Kw. Maximum number of indoor units that can be connected to a VRF system is up to 110 units. Maximum piping length reaches 1000m, maximum distance beetwen indoor and outdoor unit is up to 150m, maximal height beetwen indoor units is up to 15m, maximum height beetwen indoor and outdoor unit is 50m. The new GMV5 Mini generation adoptes high-performance compressor wich greately improoves energy efficiency, maintainig quite levels of noise during operation. Compressors are designed to operate normally in a wide temperature range thus reducing power loss and maintaining a high performance level.

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Gmv 5 Mini

Full DC Inverter, Funksion i qete, Menaxhim inteligjent, Projektim me distance tegjate tubash ne instalim, Funksioni I kursimit te energjise, Operim ne game te gjere temperature, Operim modular, ESP e larte, Mbrojtje gjithperfshirese, 4 nivele te ndryshme te presionit statik deri ne max. 82 Pa, Funksion i qete.