Super Free Match Outdoor Unit

Product Description

Super Free Match is the new generation of Gree Multi Inverter Systems. Thanks to G10 Inverter technology, these units operate with high energy efficiency and quieter noise levels, meeting comfort requirements of a modern lifestyle.

Super Free Match covers 2 to 9 zones with a total capacity of 12-16 kW. The 2-port or 3-port BU Modules (branching units) are installed between the outdoor and indoor units to simplify refrigerant piping work, greatly improving performance and efficiency of the entire system.

The long connection refrigerant pipe line up to 145m, simplifies system layout and offers much more flexibility locating indoor units according to different project requirements.

The main advantage of this system is its ability to run safely and stably even under very difficult operating conditions.

For more information and specifications about this conditioner, click and download the following file:

pdf-icon Super Free Match Indoor

High efficiency, Intelligent defrost, Comprehensive protection, Compact design, Easier maintainability, Inner groove copper, Turbo function, Self-diagnosis, Low voltage startup, Centralized control, Long-distance monitoring, Memory function, Wide operation range, 24 hour timer, Child lock.