Modular GMV5 Heat Recovery jpg

Product Description

GREE Modular GMV5 Heat Recovery series with modular installation capability design of up to 180kW in combination to the wide range of indoor unit choices offers an advanced solution for medium and big commercial applications.
GMV-Pdhm heat recovery series breaks the limits of classic VRF applications, since indoor units can operate under both cooling and heating operation at the same time.
Energy saving takes place from the recovery of energy that would be traditionally released in the environment, that is uniquely recovered and channeled for the alternative operation purpose in spaces that require it and vice versa, under five different operation combinations.
Wide temperature operation range. The units can operate in a wide ambient temperature range decreasing thus capacity loss due to outdoor temperature.
· The units can reach a high energy efficiency through energy recovery, utilized for cooling or heating of individual spaces in parallel.
The combined COP (ECOP) can reach 6,8 during recovery mode, the highest available in VRF applications.
· Utilizing new technology DC Inverter compressors with a permanent magnet motor and a high pressure intake chamber, together with All DC Inverter fan motors and bigger area heat exchangers GREE VRF reach an EER of 4,6 under partial load.

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