Product Description

The new generation of Multi Inverter air conditioners: DC Inverter Multi Free Match Ecodesign  Ultimate flexibility in installation of A/C for residential & small commercial applications such as large apartments or office buildings.
Small dimensions and a variety of outdoor units. Ability to connect with up to 5 indoor units and power up to 42.000 Btu / h in up to 203 combinations available.
Variety of indoor units such as wall mounted, 4-way cassette, ducted, floor ceiling and console.  High performance and economic operation by using DC Inverter compressors.
Reliability in heating and cooling operation in ambient temperatures up to -15 ⁰ C.
G10 Inverter Technology of DC Inverter Multi Free Match Ecodesign
The new patented driving technology, introduced exclusively by GREE, allows the rotation of the DC Inverter type compressor in low frequencies, enabling the operating at a very low frequency of even 1 Hz. This means that the compressor of DC Inverter Multi Free Match Ecodesign does not stop, even after reaching the desired temperature, which results to further reducing energy intensive starts – stops, thus introducing new standards in comfort and reliability.

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Dc Inverter Multi free Match Ecodesign