U-Match Outdoor Unit

Product Description

High Efficiency series U-Match is a kind of split system that the outdoor unit can be freely connected to different types of indoor units according to various indoor decoration requirements.Double ambient temperature sensor design makes a precision temperature monitoring. Low start-up current thanks to power delay control design.
Higher efficiency thanks to sine wave DC inverter compressor control.
High reliability and easy maintenance thanks to one piece integrated PCB board. Stable cooling under -15℃ and heating under -10℃ outdoor environment temperature.

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U Match Inverter Cassette.

pdf-icon   U match Inverter Duct

  U match inverter floor ceiling

 U match onoff cassette

 U-match onoff duct

Built-in drain pump, High efficiency, Intelligent defrost, Anti-cold function, Comprehensive protection, Compact design, Easier maintainability.